Welcome to Relational Best - Coaching and Personal Consultancy in Exeter with Amanda Williamson

Serious about embracing change in your life?  I work with individuals and couples ( life partners and business partners) who recognise the value of engaging in a structured, meaningful conversation in order to expand their thinking, flesh out their professional and personal goals, overcome any personal blocks and explore their potential.  Many of us reach a time in our lives when we face an upheaval which impacts on us on a profound level. Whether it's death, illness, relationship upheaval, career change, a bout of depression or anxiety; these events may force us to confront our ways of being. We can take this as an opportunity to embrace change and be the best versions of ourselves.  Or it may be that we just feel the need to tweak things a little; give an aspect of our lives a  zhuzh… If you want a coaching relationship that covers the personal as well as the professional aspects of your wish for positive change and self development, then I can help. Offering you an integrated p