~ Why Coaching with Relational Best?

Why Relational Best?

Our work together is an opportunity for you to explore and examine any realm of your life within the context of a trusting, confidential, safe space. The quality of our relationship is key to the success of our work. You will experience me as direct and honest here on my website and in all communications. This is so that I resonate with the clients that will work best with me. 

I bring my wealth of experience as a therapist to my coaching and personal consultancy work, so can work at psychological depth where necessary, but the emphasis is on the present and the future. We can dip into the past if it’s helpful to your process, but always with a focus on moving you forwards, closer to where you want to be in your life. 

The work we do is relational. It is also done with honesty, empathy, directness, challenge, professionalism and humour. I love this work as it's about being real with people but in a way that is positive and beneficial, and enables profound personal and professional development. 

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Why Coaching?

Many of us benefit from a confidential space to discuss work, career or personal matters such as transition, lifestyle, life goals; or issues around mood, relationships and emotions.

Although therapy is a valuable process for many people, not everybody is drawn to the idea of digging around the past. Coaching is sometimes seen as relatively superficial however there is a growing movement towards an integrated approach; the depth of a therapeutic approach with the forward focus of coaching.

Why a relational approach to coaching?

We each exist within the context of our relationships; with our colleagues, our friends, family and partners and even to strangers. We also exist in relation to ourselves. 

Working in this profession since 2011, I know that our relationship with self is pivotal to the quality of all those other relationships in our life; including our relationship with work, with exercise, with drinking, eating, gambling, sex and intimacy ... with everything we do and the choices we make in every facet of our life.

Our work is underpinned by this concept.


I also have an area of interest working with neurodiversity; ADHD, ASD and Highly Sensitive Individuals. There is a growing trend towards adult diagnosis which many are finding empowering. Coaching can be beneficial to those who are wired to think outside of the box. There are many benefits to thinking differently but there can also be challenges that can be explored and navigated through a structured coaching conversation. I was diagnosed with ADHD (Inattentive type) in adulthood.

Relationship Coaching

If you are looking for help in strengthening or repairing your romantic or business relationship then please read more about this here.

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