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Managing Boundaries

Managing Boundaries Managing appropriate boundaries is taking appropriate action with others when we reach our limit of what is or isn't acceptable. Many of us had poor modelling on how to set appropriate boundaries by our parents and other significant role models. It may be that our boundaries were not respected when we grew up and learned how to be in the world. There are normally very good reasons why we have ended up struggling to manage our boundaries appropriately.  Defence mechanisms Most of us are familar with the term "Fight or Flight". According to Pete Walker, there are four responses we may revert to when we perceive threat; Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn (aka people pleasing). All of these responses are helpful and appropriate in certain situations. However we may have a tendency to revert to one or two of these as a default, even when they are not appropriate to the situation.  Fight The purpose of this response is to mobilise ourselves to set an appropriat