Coaching or Counselling?

 I haven't blogged for ages. The fact is; I am fortunate enough to be busy. Very busy with client work and on top of that studying for the Level 7 coaching qualification with  Dr Trish Turner , working towards Accreditation as EMCC Senior Practitioner. I miss writing blogposts. When I had time on my hands I enjoyed mulling over different professional concepts and topics. Writing posts helped me to consolidate my learning and development. The act of writing things makes them concrete for me. So I would like to utilise that opportunity again, to process and consolidate my ongoing development as a coaching practitioner. It so happens that over the years, some of my therapeutic relationships have subsequently grown to become more of a coaching relationship, e.g. where I meet someone monthly for a confidential space to discuss areas of their life such as work and relationships, with someone they can trust, who knows them well and can provide professional, empathetic support and appropri