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The challenge of burnout (and great podcasts by Dr Andrew Huberman and Dr Rangan Chatterjee)

Burnout is something I am currently seeing a lot of as a coach (and as a therapist). Maybe this is due to world events (e.g. politics, post pandemic aftermath, cost of living crisis). Perhaps lifestyle factors are a contributing factor (sub-par diets, incessant smart phone scrolling, consumption of ever miserable news). I'm sure these are all interlinked; we engage in behaviours to numb out and escape from the harsher realities and stresses of life. I list burnout on my website as something that potentially brings my clients to coaching. It can creep on us insidiously and can adversely affect the quality of our life, our physical and emotional health and our relationships. This morning I listened to a great podcast episode on burnout by Dr Rangan Chatterjee . He speaks so much sense about what many of us know about the importance of lifestyle factors and the impact of our choices around these on our physical and emotional well-being. He presents it in a non patronising, accessible