Coaching in action - learning to swim!

22nd January 2022 Once of the very handy things about my current training to be an EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner in coaching is the requirement of co-coaching sessions with a fellow trainee. I highly value these times and have put my turn as a coachee to good use. I have looked at all sorts of areas of my life that I could do with a hand in terms of structure and/or motivation. One of the recent themes I looked at during training was about swimming. I have enjoyed swimming since I learned to swim as a young child. I have regularly swum as an adult. I prefer swimming outdoors but will swim in an indoor pool if needs be. I am a strong swimmer and over the years have developed an efficient breast stroke. I regularly swim 2km in a pool in around 45-50 mins. I love it. It is my comfort zone. I don't swim as far when I am in the sea; more like 1-1.5km. Again, breast stroke. I had never been shown how to swim front crawl (aka freestyle). If I ever tried it I would just splutter and