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Embracing Courage; The pitfalls of weaponising "woke" and why I work pluralistically

I find it fascinating and concerning that in recent times, the term "woke" has morphed from a call for social awareness into a weaponised phrase, widely used as a slur to dismiss or mock those advocating for justice and equality.  I believe that the  weaponisation of "woke" likely stems from a deep-seated fear of change. Raising awareness and addressing systemic issues can be unsettling and uncomfortable. It can challenge our ingrained perspectives and force us to confront realities that we might previously have overlooked. This discomfort can lead to a reactionary response, where a word like "woke" becomes a tool to resist the evolving narrative. At its core, the fear driving the fear of "wokeness" is a fear of the unknown. It's a fear that accepting that societal injustices exist will necessitate change, and change can be unsettling, challenging the familiar structures we are accustomed to. As a coach, I embrace a pluralistic approach that

A Paradigm Shift in Coaching and Psychotherapy - the Future of Personal (and Interpersonal) Growth

In the quest for personal development and well-being, a new paradigm is emerging; blending the best elements of therapy and coaching to create a holistic and effective option for personal and interpersonal growth.  Historically, therapy has been criticised for its preoccupation with excavating the past. Whilst this approach can be valuable in addressing deep-seated emotional issues, it may come at the expense of  keeping individuals stuck in their past traumas and unable to move forward. An integrated blend of therapy and coaching brings the benefit of addressing past issues while keeping a keen eye on the future. It enables individuals to heal their emotional wounds if relevant, and actively work towards their desired outcomes. By integrating both elements, individuals can develop a better understanding of their past, making it a stepping stone rather than an anchor. Coaching has often been seen as a domain reserved for the business world, focusing on growth and performance. While coa

Don't Underestimate the Power of the Zhuzh!

  Don't Underestimate the Power of the Zhuzh!* It was a crisp, sun-kissed morning when I met my friend for a walk earlier today. As we strolled through the valley, our conversation took an unexpected turn, leading to a profound revelation about the subtle yet transformative power of "zhuzhing" – making small changes in our physical spaces and habits. My friend shared a recent experience that perfectly encapsulated this concept. He had been feeling a bit stuck in a rut, struggling to find the motivation and energy to tackle life. Seeking a change, he decided to rearrange the furniture in his bedroom. It wasn't a major overhaul; he simply moved his bed to a different side of the room. As he described it, the simple act of moving his bed had a profound impact on the energy of the space. He felt a renewed sense of vitality and inspiration. The room seemed more inviting and conducive to relaxation, which, in turn, positively influenced his overall mood and productivity. It