The New Wave of Talking Therapies - Therapeutic Coaching (and the Sea Pool at Trevone Bay)

Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall Navigating the evolving landscape of talking therapies can at times feel like swimming in choppy, uncertain waters. I am BACP Senior Accredited counsellor and EMCC Senior Accredited coach, and am working increasingly in a blended way. I am part of the new wave in talking therapies; a fusion of traditional therapy with the dynamic, forward-focus of coaching.  This movement is a response to the changing needs of clients who seek a fresh approach; one that marries the depth of therapy with the proactive, solution-focused mindset of coaching.  I wrote about this last year . Today I had a coaching supervision session and towards the end of the session, I noticed that some of the issues I brought, are anchored in issues around this emerging wave, the shift in my professional identity and how this sits in the context of this movement within the profession.  The sea pool at Trevone Last weekend I visited a tidal pool in Trevone, Cornwall with some friends. Despite being