Moving on from Toxic, Narcissistic Relationships

Navigating the aftermath of a narcissistic relationship can be a daunting journey, filled with emotional upheaval and self-doubt. Yet, with the right support and tools, it is possible to heal and rebuild a stronger sense of self.  Understanding Narcissistic Relationships In the realm of narcissistic relationships, manipulation and emotional abuse often go hand in hand. It's a gradual process akin to the analogy of a frog in boiling water - put the frog straight into boiling water and it would leap out immediately. A narcissistic relationship is like putting the frog into cool water, with the heat rises imperceptibly until it's too late to notice. These relationships are characterised by a power dynamic where the narcissistic partner exerts control over the other through emotional manipulation, eroding their sense of self-worth and autonomy. This can happen very slowly although many people admit that in retrospect, they could see red flags near the start. When we are swept up in